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We're a little bit into photography lately. My husband bought a nice camera with lots of possibilities and for me we also bought a nice one that has less options but it's very small and still has a good lens. Slight issue with these things is that we really take tons of pictures now. At such that's not so much of a problem, but all those pictures have to be moved onto the computer and we view them to see if they're OK. My husband takes the nicest ones and makes them a little bit nicer using the computer and ...


Since I had to investigate all about jointpain I realize how difficult it sometimes was for my mother. She suffered from jointpain and as a child I did not know exactly what that meant for her. She was always very happy and she never complaint about that fact that she had a lot of pain. Sometimes at the end of the day we could see that she was really so tired that she went to bed for a short time. That was the time my sister and I started to help her with making dinner and other things in our ...